What is Brasilidade today? How does this concept connect with beer communication? By analyzing the main discussions on the subject in the market and in academia, we built a narrative about Brazilian identity, understanding values and meanings of what Brazil is. The new vision of Brazilianness should support the brand in appropriating this territory in its communication in the coming years.

Brazilian soccer is no longer the same! With this input, we carried out with Ambev’s Sponsorship team a study to understand the new values and perception of Brazilians in relation to soccer. For days, we accompanied a group of fans before, during and after important matches of their teams. This study was fundamental for the development of Brahma’s new sponsorship strategy for the sport. 

Market changes require changes in very traditional brands that are leaders in their segments. To test new claims with families with different profiles, we distributed samples of Nescau in different packages and with different communication messages, understanding which attributes are more valued by different classes and regions. 

Consumoteca is a partner in this initiative, putting into practice the understanding in relation to the behavior of young people with the financial world. The project, which began before the launch of the brand in the market, had different phases. Among them, the creation of the behavioral segmentation of young people and information support for the development of new financial products and segmented communication. For each of the segments mapped, we studied new functionalities for the application, new financial products or ways to sell them and how the bank can relate with its customers.

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More and more brands are using content production to take over territories relevant to their positioning. For Redbull this is no different. As sports are part of the brand’s platform, the development of relevant content, within updated themes, with the right influencers and in the right channels, formats and language, is an extremely important factor.  Over a period of time, we collected and analyzed all the content read, shared and discussed about sports by a group of young people with an inspiring profile for the brand, enabling the adaptation of efforts and optimization of resources in content production. 

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We assisted the Boticário Group in the development of the new store model, from the briefing to the architectural firm to the rollout in stores throughout Brazil. In addition to understanding consumer behavior at the point of sale to develop remarkable experiences, we understand how the ambiance, service model, product display and other factors reinforce the brand positioning. For the rollout in stores all over Brazil and in different sizes, we customized the experiences to incorporate regional characteristics in the design and experiences. 

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Brand expansion involves understanding new profiles of potential customers. We studied the financial relationship of specific profiles for the financial institution, understanding how their stresses relate to the company’s current products and what innovations could be thought of to attract them. 

ESG is a growing term, but is its meaning understood by the different clients? Despite having a solid ESG strategy, how does the market perceive Itaú’s performance in this area? The project heard individual and corporate clients, investors, shareholders, employees and suppliers of the bank to understand the level of knowledge regarding ESG and the practices and policies the bank has been developing. As a result, we understood different action and communication strategies with different profiles to maximize their perception of the brand’s actions and their positive impacts.

A client of the Consumoteca Group for over 10 years, we have carried out hundreds of projects for the most pop clothing brand in Brazil. The projects have solved business problems ranging from the most tactical, such as product improvements and campaigns for the launch of new collections and collabs, to the most strategic, such as understanding how the music platform supports the brand’s value proposition or developing a relationship program. 

Delighting the new generations is one of the ways of trying to build a relationship and bond with the consumers of the future. Thus, we created a high-impact, explanatory audiovisual content about generation Z for the brand’s managers in Latin America. We followed up with young people in Brazil and Mexico, identifying the generation’s defining characteristics and how the brand could dialogue with them. 

The shopping mall market is one of the markets that has undergone the most changes in recent years. There are many factors that make a mall no longer just a place to shop, but a place for many experiences and services. With a portfolio of more than 26 units throughout Brazil, BrMalls needed to segment its malls according to the behavior of its frequenters. Based on the project, we created groupings of malls with similar public characteristics, identifying opportunities and improvements in store portfolios, services, experiences, ambiance, relationship programs and campaigns.